Indischer Tanz

Our Pedagogy, Training dancers in technique is great and virtuosity can wow the audience, but if it doesn’t touch or make the audience feel something it seems the performance has lost its purpose.

About Sneha Bharadwaj

Sneha Bharadwaj is a professional Indian classical dancer and has, over many years, established an Indian Classical Dance scene in Munich, Germany. She graduated from Bangalore University with a bachelors degree in choreography, and later, from Bharatidasan University with a master’s degree in fine art. A recipient of many prestigious awards, Sneha has performed at various dance festivals in and around India, Germany, USA, France, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia and other countries. She is also trained in Yoga and Indian Martial Arts. She is the founder and artistic director of the Indian dance school & company in Munich, ‘Abhinaya Indischer Tanz’ and ‘Abhinaya Tanz Kampani‘. Productions like Soulmate, Shakti, Sambhrama, Tarang, Nritya Parva, Leela & Sammilana with Western classical ballet have earned her accolades, She has carved a niche for herself with her unique performances. By empowering through art, she hopes to continue celebrating South Asian art in Europe in all its glory.