Indischer Tanz

Our Pedagogy, Training dancers in technique is great and virtuosity can wow the audience, but if it doesn’t touch or make the audience feel something it seems the performance has lost its purpose.

Abhinaya tanz Kampani

Kampani was started in 2016 to explore and create new expressions in dance. Kampani believes in engaging recognizably Indian Movements aesthetic sensibilities to create a contemporary dance vocabulary, which explores the limitless possibilities of the human form. Motifs of Indian Movement disciplines,Experiments with Rhythm,interactive design, come together to form the Kampani`s signature style. Needless to say, the Kampai dancers breathe and live Dance, The dancers are trained for years in their respective art forms. Be it Ballet, Contemporary dance or Jazz they have mastered the technique and now are imbibing the roots of Indian Art form to create a new vocabulary.