Indischer Tanz

Our Pedagogy, Training dancers in technique is great and virtuosity can wow the audience, but if it doesn’t touch or make the audience feel something it seems the performance has lost its purpose.

My only wish as a performing artist is to play a small role in reaching the essence of Indian art to more people. to make the values of art more accessible, to make more people understand that the Indian art forms are not just ancient…that they are very much present, relatable and can be for everyone.

Sneha Bharadwaj
About Sneha Bharadwaj
Abhinaya Indischer Tanz
Abhinaya Tanz Kampani

My storytelling arcs rely on research, community, and lived experience to form what I call a kind of constellation.

Art is unique in its ability to tell a story, to connect to people in deeper and meaningful ways, to create a connection, and to make us human, without a creative outlet, human life is futile, Abhinaya is a place for creative expression to flourish.