Indischer Tanz

Our Pedagogy, Training dancers in technique is great and virtuosity can wow the audience, but if it doesn’t touch or make the audience feel something it seems the performance has lost its purpose.

Abhinaya Indischer Tanz – Dance School in Munich


Born in Oct 2011, Abhinaya-Indischer Tanz – Dance School in Munich is a sincere effort by Sneha Bharadwaj to preserve the rich heritage of Indian Dance Traditions by imparting intensive training in Bharatanatyam to aspiring dancers in Munich, students are provided comprehensive theoretical and practical training from beginners level to advance level…Students are provided opportunities to participate in the dance productions and stages shows of Abhinaya. Certificate of appreciation will be given for students who completes a level or an year in Abhinaya Tanzschule.

What does Abhinaya mean?

Abhinaya?? means an art of expression in Indian Dance derived from Bharatha’s Natya Shastra (an ancient Indian Treatise on performing arts) etymologically it derives from Sanskrit.

Abhi-towards Naya – leading. (leading the audience towards a sentiment) its is a medium of presentation by which one can convey one`s ideas and the feelings to others by means of hand gestures, mime, facial expression and movements of the body.

The four Ingredients of Abhinaya are Angika Abhinaya – Expression by movements of the body,Vachika Abhinaya – Expression carried out by speech, A aharya Abhinaya Expression carried out with costume, Sattvika Abhinaya- the dancer expressing joys and sorrows of the character that she portrays.