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Get introduced to the vast,varied and fascinating tale of the Mahabharata,set at the end of what the Hindu scriptures term Dvapar Yuga or the Third age of Man( scholars date between 6000BCE and 5000 BCE) a time when the lives of men and gods still intersected,the epic weaves myth,history,religion,science,philosophy,superstition and statecraft into its innumerable stories within stories. It moves with graceful felicity between the very recognizable human world and magical realms.
At the core of the epic lies the fierce rivalry between two branches of the kuru dynasty,The Pandavas and the Kauravas. The lifelong struggle between the cousins for the throne of Hastinapur culminates in the bloody battle of Kurukshetra.These larger than life characters,epitomizing inspiring virtues and deadly vices,will etch many cautionary morals into ones life.

Choreographer Sneha Bharadwaj,was left unsatisfied while reading the portrayals of the women in the epic. It wasn’t as though the epic didn’t have powerful,complex women character that affected the action in major ways..Hence she took up the personality who depicts the contemporary woman to tell you the story of Mahabharata.
The beautiful princess “Draupadi” who has the unique distinction of being married to five men at the same time- The five Pandava brothers,the greatest heros of their time. Draupadi who some might argue,by her headstrong actions helps to bring about the destruction of the Third Age Of Man..But in some way,their remained shadowy figures,their thoughts and motives mysterious,their emotions portrayed only when they affected the lives of the male heroes,their roles ultimately subservient to those of their fathers or husbands,brothers or Sons.

This unique production would place the women in the forefront of the action, Sneha would like to uncover the story that lay invisible between the lines of the men’s exploits..Better still would be if Draupadi tell it herself,with all her joys and doubts her struggles and her triumphs,her heartbreaks,her achievements,the unique female way in which she sees her world and her place in it.

It is her life,her voice,her questions and her vision that we invite you into this production “Feuer Frau”

The enigmatic woman of substance,Princess Draupadi “Feuer Frau” emphasizes the power,courage,beauty and revolt of this woman born of fire,she was renowned alike for her loveliness and her granite will,with a personality of lighting and thunder,although repeatedly discarded by her 5 husbands the great Pandavas,she resolves firmly not to harm the good and not to bend before the wicked.

Feuer Frau embodies the compassion and generosity of this fiery princess in the grace and theatrics of Indian Classical Art through Bharata Nrityam,Kathak,Indian Folk art forms,Mallakhamb blending beautifully to western Classical & Contemporary & aerial art forms by 45 Dancers.