Dance is created for the simple reason that it is beautiful..” says Sage Bharatha of Natya Sastra. DANCE is personified as a unique entity with alluring beauty that teaches us to be, to feel & to recreate the Joys of Life. The sole purpose is to create “RASA” or ” Aha ” ! which is the essence of Art experience.

Sneha is a young Indian Classical dancer gifted with fluid grace and an aesthetic sense of expression.have over the years have created a wave of excitement on the Indian classical dance scene in Munich,Germany She has completed her Bachelor’s in Choreography from Bangalore University (India) and Masters in Fine Arts from Bharathidasan University (India). She is trained in Sadir (popularly known as ‘Bharatanatyam’) from the age of 5 and in Kathak for several years. Currently she is under the tutelage of Guru Smt. Harini Santhanam in the Maargi style called Bharatanrityam, based on the ancient treatise on arts – the NaaTyashaastram.

Sneha is the recipient of the prestigious Aryabhatta Award 2005-06 (India) and is honoured to have performed at various dance festivals in and around India, U.S.A, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland and many other places.

Her experience includes participation in various educational works and special choreography sessions. She is also trained in Indian Martial Arts and Yoga. She is the founder and artistic director of Indian dance school & company in Munich called ‘Abhinaya Indischer Tanz’. She was recently selected to be a member of the prestigious International Dance Council CID (Conseil International de La Danse) at UNESCO, the official world-wide organisation for dance, thus distinguishing her as one of the leading professionals on an international level. Her unique projects like “Sammilana” with Western classical ballet dancer from Munich have earned her accolades.Presently she is working on her upcoming theatrical production called “FeuerFrau” which is scheduled to premiere soon.